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We are please to announce a Tutorial+Workshop on Spatial and Temporal Representation and Reasoning at the Indian School on Logic and its Applications (ISLA) 2012. This event will be scheduled at the start of ISLA, starting Jan 9 2012.

Students from all disciplines of computer science and logic are welcome to participate. We encourage participants to get in contact with us before the school, should there be questions, comments, or suggestions for the inclusion of certain topics of interest.

Please note that *registration* and *breakfast+lunch* are free, and participation is subject to the general requirements for ISLA 2012. Please consult the school website for further details.

Indian School on Logic and it Applications

ISLA 2011, Manipal, India
Jan 9 - 20 2012

The Association for Logic in India (ALI) regularly organizes ISLA, a winter school on logic and applications; ISLA 2012 is based at Manipal University during January 9-20, 2012. Graduate students with a background in logic and an interest in research are welcome to apply. Active researchers and teachers of the subject may apply as well. Further details about the school may be found at the school website: http://ali.cmi.ac.in/isla2012/
Workshop and Tutorial Panel
  • Mehul Bhatt (University of Bremen, Germany)
  • Stefano Borgo (University of Bolzano, Italy)
  • Frank Dylla (University of Bremen, Germany)
  • Shyamanta Hazarika (Tezpur University, India)
  • Oliver Kutz (University of Bremen, Germany)
Topics / Talks (in order of presentation)
  1. Commonsense Spatial Reasoning: Theory and Applications. by Mehul Bhatt
  2. Qualitative Spatial Change in Classical Mereotopology. by Shyamanta Hazarika
  3. Integrated Inductive-Abductive Reasoning about Space. by Frank Dylla
  4. Geometries and Mereogeometries. by Stefano Borgo
  5. Connecting Abstract Description Systems. by Oliver Kutz
Organising co-chairs:

Shyamanta Hazarika (Tezpur University, India)
Mehul Bhatt (University of Bremen, Germany)
Coming to Manipal

Instructions on how to reach Manipal may be found: Getting to Manipal
Tourist information on places to visit in the region: Tourism
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