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History of the Workshop

Workshops and special sessions on spatial and temporal reasoning are regularly held at all major AI conference including IJCAI, ECAI and AAAI.

Hans Guesgen, together with Frank Anger and Johan van Benthem, organized the Workshop on Spatial and Temporal Reasoning at IJCAI-93 in Chambery, France. The workshop was originally intended to be a half-day workshop, as it was not clear in the beginning how many researchers were interested in this topic; however, it soon became apparent that there was enough interest for a full-day workshop. On the contrary, many interested and qualified researchers had to be turned away due to space limitations.

Because of the success of the IJCAI-93 workshop and encouragement from participants, Anger and Loganantharaj, together with a committee of seven, including Guesgen and Gérard Ligozat, held a similar workshop at AAAI-94 in Seattle. Again, other similar workshops were held at:
  • ECAI-94 in Amsterdam
  • IJCAI-95 in Montreal
  • AAAI-96 in Portland
  • AAAI-97 in Providence
  • IJCAI-97 in Nagoya
  • ECAI-98 in Brighton, UK
  • IJCAI-99 in Stockholm, Sweden
  • ECAI-00 in Berlin, Germany
  • IJCAI-01 in Seattle, Washington
  • ECAI-02 in Lyon, France
  • AAAI-02 in Edmonton, Canada
  • IJCAI-03 in Acapulco, Mexico,
  • ECAI-04, in Valencia, Spain,
  • AAAI-04 in San Jose, California, and
  • IJCAI-05 in Edinburgh, Scotland
In the workshops at ECAI-04 in Valencia, Spain, and IJCAI-05 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Christian Freksa stepped in for Anger on the organizing team, while Jochen Renz took his place in the workshops at ECAI-06 in Riva del Garda, Italy, and at AAAI-07 in Vancouver, Canada. The workshop at IJCAI-07 was organized by Guesgen, Ligozat, and Rodriguez.

Recent events in this series have been at IJCAI-07 (Hyderabad, India), AAAI-08 (Chicago, USA) and ECAI-08 (Patras, Greece), IJCAI-09 (Pasadena, USA) and ECAI 2010 (Lisbon, Portugal). Recent workshops and other activities have been co-ordinated by Mehul Bhatt, and Hans Guesgen. The STeDy workshop and related initiatives have acquired their present form since ECAI 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal. At the follow-up at ECAI 2012 in Montpellier (France), Ernest Davis joined the organization team together with Mehul Bhatt and Hans Guesgen.
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