ExpCog Architecture

From a conceptual viewpoint, ExpCog has a very simple architecture consisting of: (1) A generic domain description language where arbitrary control domains may characterise the domain theory (an ongoing effort); (2) A collection of high-level reasoning / control approaches, (3) a generic controller communication interface, and (4) the real / simulated robot (platform). The architecture below should be thought of as a conceptual overview, and not as the technical (system) architecture.
ExpCog Robot Framework ROS
The Controller Communication Interface (CCI) provides the abstraction between robotic or simulation platforms and the experimental framework. This independence is achieved by explicitly defining all possible modes of communication (e.g., by way of serializing control actions to the robot's actuators and the inflow of sensing information) between the framework and the external world, which the framework is being interfaced with.
The description of all components should be clear from the information on `Space and Change', or by the Published documents.