University Courses

As a student wanting to work with me on the projects etc, it might be useful to establish a foundation by participating in one of the courses on offer:

Upcoming or Ongoing:

  • EMBODIED COGNITIVE EXPERIENCES – Media | Perception. Interpretation. Synthesis. (project: Digital Media Bremen + HfK: University of Arts Bremen). Winter Semester 2016-2017
  • Readings in Visual Perception. Winter Semester 2016-2017


  • Human-Centered Computing (HCC 2016) - Minds, Experiences, Technologies.
    (International school) Summer Semester 2016. www
  • Spatial Reasoning for Computational Cognitive Systems. Summer Semester 2016.
  • Evidence-Based Design | Space. Perception. Embodiment. Summer Semester 2016.
  • Cognitive Computing. Summer Semester 2016.
  • Spatial Reasoning for Computational Cognitive Systems. Winter Semester 2015-2016. www
  • Visuo-Auditory Narrativity and the Moving Image. Winter Semester 2015-2016. www
  • Spatial Reasoning for Computational Cognitive Systems. Summer Semester 2015. www
  • Cognitive Computing. Summer Semester 2015. www
  • AUGMENT: Augmented Interaction and Analysis for Spatial Design
    (currently ongoing as bachelors student project; will continue in SS 2015, and further as Masters only project in WS 2015-16) www
  • Commonsense Spatial Reasoning. www
  • Design Cognition and Computation
    formerly: Spatial Computing for Design (SPaDe).
  • SmartSpaces: Space, Time, and Ambient Intelligence
    formerly: Behaviour Recognition in Ambient and Smart Environments (Be-AmI).
  • Experimental Cognitive Robotics (ExpCog). www
  • From Syllogism to Commonsense: A Tour Through the Logical Landscape. Winter Semester 2011-12. www

Important: Enrolment is possible by directly emailing me, or via the UniBremen online system.

Tutorials, Keynotes, Lectures

Participation is possible via the application guidelines applicable to the respective forum. Complete details on public events is available here: Events


  • Tutorial at IJCAI 2017:
    Declarative Spatial Reasoning — Theory | Methods | Applications. www
  • Tutorial at COSIT 2017:
    Spatial Cognition in the Wild — Methods for Large-Scale Behavioural Research in Visuo-Locomotive Perception. www


  • Tutorial at ECAI 2016:
    Cognitive Vision — On Deep Semantics in Visuo-Spatial Computing
  • Tutorial at ECAI 2016:
    Declarative Spatial Reasoning — Theory | Methods | Applications
  • Keynote:
    Tobii Pro Event - Eye Tracking Social 2015
    Vienna, Austria.
  • Tutorial:
    Commonsense Visuo-Spatial Reasoning: Theory and Applications
    International Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT) 2015. www
  • Cognitive Science Institute / Institute für Kognitionswissenschaft (IKW) 2015
    University of Osbanrück.
  • IKW Colloquium lecture., Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrück, Germany., 2015
  • Keynote lecture — EG-ICE: European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering, 2015
  • Invited Talk — Space Syntax Ltd. (London), 2015
  • Tutorial on: Design Semantics 2015. Indian Institute of Science (IISc Bangalore), Bangalore India.,January 2015.
  • Intensive lectures on: Cognitive Systems (Part I), and Design Cognition (Part II)., La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia., December 2014.
  • Intensive lectures on: Cognitive Systems (Part I), and Design Cognition (Part II)., IIT Hyderabad, India., December 2014.
  • Coloquium lecture on: Computational Cognitive Systems - The Case of Commonsense, Space, and Change. GI-Forum, ifgi, University of Münster, Germany. November 2014.
  • International Spatial Cognition Summer Institute (ISCSI) 2013., University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
    "Human-Centered Cognitive Computing for Assistive Technologies", (Lecture@ISCSI 2013)
  • Politecnico di Bari, Italy 2013, Dipartimento di Architettura e Urbanistica
    Course on: "Spatial Cognition for Professional Architectural Practice and Education"
    as part of PhD program on Spatial Planning at the Politecnico di Barii
    Supported by: ECOURB research project at Bari
  • Tutorial on: Spatial and Temporal Reasoning, organised as a part of the Indian School on Logic and its Applications (ISLA), 2012., Manipal, India (@ISLA, @STeDy)
  • Tutorial on: Recognising Behaviour in a Spatio-Temporal Context, AAAI 2011, San Fransisco, USA (@AAAI-2011, @STAMI)