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The project AUGMENT aims to develop systems that will empower professional designers and practitioners in design, architecture, and spatial planning by the use of augmented reality technology, and novel methods in natural interaction and complex data visualization.

The methods and envisaged results of the project aim to address aspects of (architectural) spatial cognition and spatial computing that relate to processes of Design Tools and Assistive Frameworks, real-world Design Practice, and Design Learning & Education.

The project is supervised by Mehul Bhatt, Cognitive Systems Group (CoSy; AG Freksa), University of Bremen.


The student project will be conducted in the context of Project `DesignSpace: Assistive Intelligence for Spatial Design’, which is a research project within the Spatial Cognition Research Center (SFB/TR 8). Further information about DesignSpace is available at:

Project DesignSpace. www

Student Team

Driven by a holistic approach to design, the project welcomes students from all disciplines with an interest in technology, spatial design, architecture, design psychology, design marketing and communication, and the socio-technical considerations of a universal – design for all – approach to architecture.
  • Computer science, engineering
  • Digital media, design, architecture
  • Marketing and Advertising (communication)
  • Psychology (social, environmental)
The project will consist of topical clusters and sub-teams, and expertise and skills in each of the above occupy a strong place in the overall goals for the project. Students at all levels, bachelors and masters, may apply. Please contact the project supervisor Mehul Bhatt for participation queries and other project information: bhatt@informatik.uni-bremen.de
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